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From fjord to mountains

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Fjord, mountains, village and untouched nature!  

Join us on a fantastic tour that combines city life in Oslo and tours in some of Norway's finest mountain biking areas from Alvdal to Ringebu. Along the way we are treated to beautiful views, spectacular cycling, local food and unique accommodation in mountain farms and historic hotels.


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GRUPPSTORLEK           _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  4 - 8 people

VARAKTIGHET           _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     8 days


This is included in the price

NMIG certified guide for 6 days

Accommodation for 7 nights

All meals (except drinks)

All transportation during the tour

Entrance to Karlsvogna Fjellbad

Airport transfer

Baggage transport



Day 1 - Arrival

Arrival in Oslo and transfer from the airport to the Lysebu Hotel, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Oslo Fjord and the city. In the evening, a 4-course dinner is served from the seasonal menu.

Day 2 – Olympic capital

The hotel is located right next to Holmenkollen, one of Oslo's biggest attractions and the site of the 1952 Winter Olympics. From Holmenkollen we enter the trail network that descends towards the city and makes Oslo one of the world's best enduro capitals. We will both cycle and during certain passages take the help of the subway, while at the same time enjoying beautiful views and hiking in historic surroundings.

Distance - 24 km
700 altitude meters up – 700 altitude meters down

Day 3 – Cykelstaden

From Holmenkollen, we choose one of the lovely slopes towards the city before hopping on the subway and traveling to Lillomarka – one of Oslo's most famous cycling areas. We end the trip with an after-bike at one of Oslo's unique brewery pubs. After dinner and after-bike, we load the bike on the car and travel to our next destination, Alvdal. Driving time to Alvdal is about 4 hours.

Distance - 26 km
700 hm up – 700 hm down

Day 4 - Viewing day

In Alvdal we live at Urørt lodge, a family farm which is the center for trail cycling in the area. We get car transport up to Mt.Tron on Norway's second highest road, and from the car we then have 800 meters of wonderful trail cycling ahead of us to get down to the valley. We choose the best trails on the way down and finish with a long descent from mountain to valley.

Distance - 24 km
600 hm up – 1000 hm down

Day 5 – Seterlandet

In the morning, a substantial breakfast is served before we embark on the first cycling leg. This day we follow the old mining roads between Alvdal and Folldal and cycle near the old cable car that ran from Folldal Gruver to Alvdal until 1969. We end the cycle tour with fantastic downhill cycling down to the evening's farm accommodation at the venerable Kvebergøyagården in Folldal.

Distance - 30 km
750 hm up- 1000 hm down

Day 6 – National Park

We step out of the farm at Kvebergsøya farm and straight out onto the barn path that takes us up the mountain in the direction of the Rondane massif. During the day, we get to experience two beautiful downhill trails, mountain biking in untouched nature and great nature experiences at the foot of Rondane. We end the trip in Atndalen, where we are picked up and transported along the National Tourist Road Rondane to Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane. Here there will be locally produced food and the opportunity to soften the muscles in Karlsvogna Fjellbad.

Distance - 20 km / 20 km
750 hm up – 550 hm down

Day 7 - downhill

After some well-deserved relaxation and recovery at Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane, we go on an expedition to Venabygdsfjellet. Venabygdsfjellet is a small eldorado for mountain biking, where we select some of the mountains' finest trails before turning down the nose towards Ringebu. We end the trip with 950 meters of fantastic mountain biking on the way to the valley floor. From Ringebu we get a ride back to Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane and the final dinner.

Distance - 30 km
600 hm up – 1200 hm down

Day 8 - Departure

Airport transfer


Practical information



These are tours for you who have good control over the bike on relatively technical trails. You can handle obstacles such as roots and rocks up to 10-12 cm high, and you find it okay to ride uphill with some challenges and obstacles.

You must be able to cycle between 4 and 6 hours every day, for several days, at a moderate pace with some breaks. You handle climbs with cycling of up to 600 meters every day.

(Levels: 5-6 skill level, 4-6 fitness level)

See hardship reference form here.


On this trip, the meeting point is Oslo. We offer transfers to and from the airport or you can show up at the agreed meeting point.


All accommodation is basically in double rooms. Some nights when we stay at farms and farm houses there will only be multi-person rooms available. If you want a single room, there is an extra charge.



We recommend full suspension trail bikes on all our trips, and we can offer rental bikes  which are specially selected for the trips we arrange. We send out suggestions for packing lists before each trip. The packing list is indicative, and cannot be seen as a complete list. We take no responsibility for any errors, defects or misprints in packing lists.

logosvart ny

Minimum skill

Minimum fitness


June to September

Contact Us

As our experiences are tailored to you , we ask you to contact us  so that we can help you and give you a price.

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