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common questions

Why are there only "from" prices on your website?

All our experiences and adventures are individually   adapted to you and your party and often depend on the number, time, place and arrangement, but do not hesitate to contact us and we will calculate a price for you together with our partner.

How do I know the difficulty level of the experience?

Most of our experiences and adventures   can be individually adapted to the group. If you feel unsure, you are more than welcome to contact us with questions.

How should I dress for Helibike?

Considering the starting altitude of 3500m, several layers of clothing on both the lower and upper body are recommended, then you can regulate by taking off and putting on as the temperature changes. The summer temperature  can reach -10 degrees at the highest points and up to +25 at the lowest points!  We recommend gloves and glasses with suitable lenses and above all shoes with soles with good grip.

The guide will personally check the equipment for each participant. As we are very concerned about safety, we can only allow those who meet the equipment requirements to participate in the activity.

It is often fully booked

Our activities are exclusive and small-scale, often with smaller groups that are planned together with the person carrying out the assignment on site. The group is often fully booked, but if you are out on time, we will make sure to find times and days that suit you

If my experience could not be carried out

Nature, seas and lakes are powerful and can be really tough,   if the weather and conditions make it impossible to carry out the activity, of course you don't have to pay for it.


In order for a helicopter to be able to take off, good visibility and not too strong wind is required, often the timing can be adjusted so that it is possible to take off at a different time.

Who can I ask about information that is not on the website?

You can always reach us here via email to:

or via our chat function

I'm curious about what a collaboration looks like with you, and I have an idea I want to play with you... 

Are there charging points for e-bike batteries? 

Take a look here on the website under the partners tab and don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more or tell us about yourself and your company. We are very curious about you!

You can always reach us here via email to:

or via our chat function.

On all our tours where electric bicycles are suggested, the guide suggests how the power modes should be used and knows where suitable charging points are. 

What should you take with you on the mountain bike activities?

In your backpack you must have the necessary equipment to be able to repair a   puncture and, if necessary, for the most frequent mechanical problems that may arise. We also recommend that you bring rain and windproof clothes and a water bottle in  your backpack. The use of a helmet is mandatory and we recommend the use of cycling glasses or goggles suitable for cycling. If necessary, the guide company can provide the necessary material when booking.

Do you recommend that one have insurance for the activities?

Includes travel to and from the current activities. 

For Outdoor Sweden AB, safety is very important, But  JA, 

we always recommend that everyone who participates in the activities has valid accident insurance in case of an accident.

Travel such as air travel, boat travel and  bus to get you to the experience are not included in our offer. which gives you a good opportunity to plan and adapt your own trip according to your wishes

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